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Zagoriy Foundation

2019 – 2023

Zagoriy Foundation — one of the biggest charitable organization in Ukraine. I was providing full visual support for all of the projects by Foundation. This includes content for social media pages and website, outdoor and digital ad, developing identities for new projects and campaigns.

Campaign 2021

Break the Ice of Prejudice to Charitable Foundations

Studies have shown that one of the factors that most hinders people from giving and donating resources is the low level of trust in charitable foundations. Lack of thrust = lack information.


The insight: the ice of prejudice – the reason why many good initiatives get frozen.


For this campaign, we have designed a landing page, digital and outdoor ad, press packs, and iceberg for The Arsenal Book Festival. 

Campaign 2020

Who stands behind this

In this campaign, we decided to share fascinating stories about philanthropists from 16th to 20th century to remind all their great deeds. We placed outdoor ads near the famous buildings connected with particular philanthropists. There was a QR code on a billboard leading to the story on the website.   


Among the heroes of the project, you could find Andrey Sheptytsky, Halshka Hulevychivna, Lazar Brodsky, Varvara and Bohdan Khanenko, Eugen Chykalenko.


Our campaign raised awareness about great philanthropists from the past and motivate people to join charitable practices and contribute to society.  

Educational program

Charity Match

In 2021 Zagoriy Foundation conducted a program for the non-profit sector called Charity Match, which aimed to increase the ability of organizations to create more effective and efficient fundraising campaigns.


As a designer, I've made an identity for the project, designed more than 200 pages of materials, and created motion graphics for more than 30 video lessons.


Events 2019 – 2021

One of the main goals of Zagoriy Foundation is to bring the culture of giving to a whole new level. For the past few years, many conferences and public workshops took place and all of them needed unique visual communication strategies: from Facebook posts to printed materials.