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German-Belarusian Society (dbg)


The German-Belarusian Society (dbg) was founded as a non-profit and non-partisan organization in 1999 in Berlin to promote understanding and cooperation between actors from Belarus and Germany. Through projects in the areas of business, culture, politics, science, and society, we contribute to the exchange and networking between the two countries.


The problem

The core idea of the brand mark was to represent the bridge between the countries using the national flags’ colors. Since 2020 due to the Belarusian uprising against Lukashenko's regime, the red-green colors have been associated with repressions but not civil society. It had to be changed. Moreover, the old logo was highly versatile, which made it difficult to use in brand identity.

The challenge

The new design has to use the same typography to keep the text mark recognizable.

The brand mark has to connect with Belarussian culture without using national colors or other symbols that might associate with Lukashenko's regime.

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